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Tips for Buying a Motorcycle Helmet


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Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Throughout his life, Daniel (“Dan”) Hohal of Wilkes-Barre, PA, has enjoyed a passion for motorcycling. He has also attended the Roar to the Shore motorcycle rally and understands the importance of motorcycle safety. Relied upon by motorcyclists like Daniel Hohal and others, the following safety tips can prevent accidents and injury.

Above all else, make sure you have the right gear for riding. A good helmet is a must, as are leathers that will protect you should you come off the bike. Don’t sacrifice safety for being “cool” on the bike.

You also need to pay attention to the bike you purchase and be sure of your own abilities. Buying more than you can handle increases the chances of accidents.

Be wary around other vehicles and understand that cars have blind spots. Trying to overtake another vehicle at inopportune moments is a mistake. This is particularly true when pulling out of junctions.

Finally, don’t take the bike out in inclement weather. Wet roads create more hazards for riders, an…

Helping Children Manage Diabetes at Camp Freedom

Based in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Daniel Hohal works as a claims supervisor at Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies. Outside of work, Daniel Hohal actively supports charitable organizations, including the American Diabetes Association (ADA) - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization committed to helping those affected by diabetes and fighting the consequences of the disease. Since its founding in 1940, ADA has grown to include a network of 1 million volunteers and at least half a million people with diabetes, their families, and caregivers. It has several programs and services that cater to various populations within the diabetes community. These programs include Camp Freedom, which is a resident camp program specifically designed for children ages seven to 16. The camp aims to place children with diabetes in a safe environment where they can socialize with other children who have the same condition. It is run by a group of physicians, nurses, registered dietitians, and counselo…